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    Look your best everyday after our team puts together a Color Analysis and Style Development session.

    • We’ll identify your ideal color palette of shades & tones that make you look your best 

    • We’ll define your unique & authentic “style formula” 

    • We’ll identify what clothes best fit your figure type & face shape

    • We’ll discuss fabrics, silhouettes & cuts to look for when shopping

    • You’ll learn how to put together fresh & exciting outfits from your existing wardrobe

    • We’ll come up with a plan of action to refine & polish your look

    • You’ll receive a Color Fan Tool  & personalized Style Workbook with all the session insights


    In a Closet Edit Session we’ll refresh your wardrobe, and together we’ll objectively evaluate everything, build fresh & exciting outfits:

    • We’ll methodically go through all the items in your closet, 2 seasons at a time (Fall+Winter and/or Spring+Summer)

    • We’ll evaluate all your clothing and accessories based on their fit, color, relevance to your style goals and how they work with the existing items in your wardrobe

    • We’ll discard/donate items that no longer fit, are in the wrong color/style, etc.

    • We’ll help you build outfits from the pieces that stay in your closet so that every item has a purpose and there are no “orphans” left

    • We’ll create a “needs list” (shopping list) of items missing from your closet that will help guide any subsequent Personal Shopping Sessions


    From styling to designing and creative directing, the job is about so much more than just red carpets. You will provide the theme of the set and then:

    • We'll define your unique & authentic  "style formula," identify what clothes best fit your figure type & face shape, discuss silhouettes, cuts and fabrics to look for when shopping

    • We'll come up with a plan of action to refine and polish your look

    • We'll come up with a shopping list for outfits - with specifics and budget for each piece

    • You'll receive a personalized style worksheet for the set with all the session insights

    • We will create 5 outfit formulas/collages for you, and find additional options for each piece.

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