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How is Stylish Rebelz different from shopping online, or in a store?

The Stylish Rebelz experience is not merely curated, it’s truly personalized to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Stylists handpick items just for you. We offer styling for your whole family servicing Women, including petite, plus and maternity sizes, Men, and even Kids.

Stylish Rebelz makes shopping not just convenient, but effortless. Our Personal Stylists save you the time and trouble of selecting clothing and accessories.

At Stylish Rebelz, the dressing room is your home. We encourage you to try everything on from the comfort of your home and see how the items work with what’s already in your closet.

How much does it cost?

When you complete the Style Profile, prices are based on the extent of work. Your Stylist will do their best to send you items within your set range.

What ages can you style?

Each request is completely customized to fit your individual preferences and needs. We carry a wide range of inventory that allows us to choose pieces that’ll be perfect for your personal style—regardless of your age.

What sizes can you style?

Everyone! Size doesn't matter at Stylish Rebelz.

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